BLE throughput with pycom

  • Hello,

    We just ported our streaming code from C to upython implementing BLE throughput feature. For the people who has no idea what it is, I will resume in one phrase: you can send from DeviceA to DeviceB large streams over BLE. This is useful for software update or other scenarios where you have large arrays of data to put in pycom.

    Well, comparing with other devices, the throughput is very bad.With 2 pycom devices at 50cm distance you can get 70bytes/s ( MTU as 20bytes/characteristic write) .

    Does anybody implemented BLE throughput?

    Can you expose parameters to change the BLE delays/timers (eq. characteristics write,announcements etc)

  • @jmarcelino Sorry for late answer.Yes...packet length extension it will be great if we can configure.

  • @codemaniac64
    I meant the Packet Length extension option. I think that was what was being discussed here.

  • Just a question reguarding this topic, by not supported do you mean the characteristic write? Or is it that the amount of data you can send over BLE is limited and not fully supported?

  • @colateral
    This isn't supported yet but a review of the Bluetooth stack is planned. Keep an eye for future updates.

    The suggested method for software updates is over WiFi.

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