Wipy 3.0 deletes program after power lose

  • Hi All

    We have 2 wipy 3.0 with a program reading a sensor and displaying the values in a web app.
    The program seems to work well.

    But often it power is reset or even the reset button is pressed on the wipy if will release the files and go back to factory settings.

    Today it probably happens 5 - 10 times. While testing our program.

    Then I have to connect back to it and ftp the files back on to it.

    I am using filezilla to transfer the files via Wi-Fi on the standard

    If power or reset is not pressed then the program seems to run fine. Even for hours.

    Any ideas what is causing the file to factory reset. It is on a wipy expansion board right now powered by the usb connector.

    We have 2 different wipy and they both have the same issue.

  • @gt1
    If you press reset with files open and/or file operations happening the internal FAT filesystem will be “dirty” and everything is deleted on the next boot.

    Pycom is integrating a new filesystem (LittleFS from ARM) for internal partitions which should be more robust. I don’t nave a release date to share yet.

  • @gt1 is by any chance P12 tied to high level? Then the device will not execute boot.py or main.py on boot. Even then, the files on the device should not disappear.

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