Expansion board v3.0 doesn't go in Dfu mode

  • I've successfully installed libusbk drivers, now i can't turn on my expansion board in dfu mode (0xEF99) to upgrade the firmware, what of the 2 buttons i have to keep press?
    i think i've installed libusbk while in normal boot (0xEF98), i'm not sure, is this a problem?


  • hi @Matthew,

    First, you should not have anything plugged in the Expansion Board, no Lopy/Fipy.

    On Windows, the fact that went up to 96% and stopped, means there are USB problems(lots of retries and timeout). Try changing something, USB port, cable. We had lots of problems with poor USB cables. Maybe try to remove other USB peripherals, from your PC.

    On Linux, please, check if board is in dfu mode, looking at lsusb output, 04D8:EF99 should be visible. It's not clear from dfu-util error, Cannot open DFU device 04d8:ef99, if the device is not enumerated or you don't have rights.

    As wild try, maybe you should keep just RX and TX jumpers, on Expansion Board.

    <later edit>: FYI, the Expansion board 3 has already the latest firmware, we released just once

  • @matthew said in Expansion board v3.0 doesn't go in Dfu mode:

    The installation blocked at 96%

    I could workaround this by inserting the device into the available USB2.0 port, instead of 3.0 SS.
    You could also try USB2.0 hub, if you have no 2.0 ports..

  • @jmarcelino
    Tried a different cable on windows 7 and on windows 10 got back to com and then back to libusbk correctly, nothing different happens, on linux instead i got this

  • @matthew
    To revert back to COM please use the WinUSB driver

    On Linux it sounds like a permission problem, can you try running dfu-util as root with e.g. sudo?

    Regarding the last screen I've never seen a problem at 96% as you reported. Maybe try a different cable. If there's a battery connected to the Expansion Board also please unplug it.

  • @jmarcelino How should i revert back to COM?
    I've tried also to do this in linux and this is what i get, actually it recognize ef99 but cannot open it
    0_1524831646824_WhatsApp Image 2018-04-27 at 13.51.18.jpeg
    And on widows 7 with many tries i got
    The installation blocked at 96%

  • You should only press S1 while plugging in the USB cable to enable DFU mode.

    If you've accidentally set EF98 device to the libusbK driver you'll then need to revert it to get the COM port back

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