Pycom SPI connection for Expansion Board 2.0

  • Hello!
    What will be correct pins on pycom Expansion Board 2.0 board to connect via SPI E-Ink display module

    VCC 3.3V
    GND Ground
    DIN SPI MOSI pin
    CLK SPI SCK pin
    CS SPI chip selection, low active
    DC Data/Command selection (high for data, low for command)
    RST External reset, low active
    BUSY Busy status output, low active

    Thank yuo

  • Hi @asavvin

    Other than 3.3V and GND there aren't any fixed set of pins for that, it's whatever the code you use expects.

    For example in my case I used these

    RST = Pin('P19')
    DC = Pin('P20')
    BUSY = Pin('P18')
    CS = Pin('P4')
    CLK = Pin('P21')
    DIN = Pin('P22')

    But you'll need to use whatever your code is set to.

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