Bricked a 3.0 unit?

  • Hello all,

    I think I have bricked a 3.0 WiPy module. It just hangs when trying to upload files and does not finish a reset when pushing the reset button. The firmware update tool will not connect to the device and I cannot get Atom to connect to it either, usually claiming the port is not open. I've tried this on two different computers so far.

    Any thoughts on how to recover it?

    I've been developing my application using a file I named but recently moved the code of into as I wanted to use the default UART0 for communication between a visual studio application and the module over the USB cable. The problems started after I uploaded the file.

    Here is the code I uploaded:

    from network import Bluetooth
    from machine import UART
    BluetoothInstance = Bluetooth()     #create a bluetooth instance
    BluetoothInstance.set_advertisement(name='SurfaceProBluetooth', service_uuid=b'1234567890123456')     #set advertisement stuff
    BluetoothInstance.advertise(True)       #turn on advertisements so device can be found
    uart = UART(0, baudrate=9600, bits=8, parity=None, stop=1)  #init UART0 (default)
    #BluetoothInstance.callback(trigger=Bluetooth.CLIENT_CONNECTED | Bluetooth.CLIENT_DISCONNECTED, handler=conn_cb)
    Service1 = BluetoothInstance.service(uuid=1, isprimary=True)     #create a service of BluetoothInstance
    Characteristic1 = Service1.characteristic(uuid=1, value=0x1234)  #create a characteristic of service1
    Characteristic1Data = 0                             #must define Characteristic1Data here, initialise it with null
    def Characteristic1_CallBack_Handler(chr):          #define call back handler of Characteristic1 for read/write event
        global Characteristic1Data                      #data variable which needs to be declared global inside handler deffinition
        events =                           #figure out if handler was triggered from read OR write event?? not sure
        if events & Bluetooth.CHAR_WRITE_EVENT:         #if write event
            print('Write Event')
            Characteristic1Data = chr.value()           #write the value sent to the data variable
            #uart.write(Characteristic1Data)             #write data out of UART port
        else:                                           #else read event
            print('Read Event')
            return Characteristic1Data
    Characteristic1_CallBack = Characteristic1.callback(trigger=Bluetooth.CHAR_WRITE_EVENT | Bluetooth.CHAR_READ_EVENT, handler=Characteristic1_CallBack_Handler)

  • Thanks everyone, safe boot procedure by holding pin 12 high during reset completely solved my problem!

  • administrators

    @nick9995 You can also try the new beta firmware updater and choose the "Erase flash file system" option in the Communication screen. This should remove all uploaded scripts from your module. Make sure you follow the instructions.

    If the firmware updater cannot connect please provide more details about your Operating System.

  • @nick9995 How do you connect the WiPy3 to your computer? Are you using an expansion board or another USB/UART bridge. If the computer claims, that the port is not open, then the problem is in between computer and WiPy. Usual sources are the cable, the expansion board/USB-UART bridge or the USB driver on the computer.

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