FiPy getting hot

  • Hello,

    My Fipys have been getting hot, I am sending about 7 messages per second (accelerometer data) over a TCP socket, so I assume that this is a heavy workload that is causing the heat.

    I am just double checking if there is anything I can do to help reduce the heat.

    Current solution is 3D printing a case to go around it with air holes in it so people don't actually touch any hot surface but I would really like to display the Pycom to show it off.



  • @jmarcelino Yeah, all up to date to the latest firmware. We are working them pretty hard, I guess they are reaching somewhere into the 45+ degrees C

  • @dylan
    Thanks, I take it you have updated the firmware? Just checking if the LTE modem is correctly being disabled.

    If you use the WiFi a lot I guess it's possible to warm things up.

  • Only using wifi and the accelerometer.

  • Hi @Dylan ,

    Is this using the LTE modem?

    Make sure you're running the latest firmware as in the past the modem was running all the time which would add to the heat.

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