Switching Frequencies on LoRa between 868 and 915 MHz

  • I understand that as a user we can no longer change the frequency of our LoPy or FiPy once set. This used to just require downloading the right firmware and reflashing. Now I understand we need to contact someone at PyCom and supply some information (what ID is required) and they then change the configuration at their end so next time you update it downloads the right firmware.

    Why this two step process when it seemed easier for the user to do it in the past?

    What information is required?


  • @smbunn

    It's still a single step to change the LoRa region but now you can either fix it in firmware configuration, or use the region= parameter.

    I recommend always the region parameter going forward. The firmware method was added more so existing code without the region parameter wouldn't break.

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