Cannot typr into REPL window

  • Re: Can not upload file to lopy
    I am new to pymakr and I am having trouble connecting to my lopy and also a lopy4. I have the lopy on an Expansion3 board and my Lopy4 is on a Pysense board. I have successfully updated both boards and Lopy's but I am having trouble with the serial connection to the REPL window. With both boards it is connecting and showing

    Connecting to a Pycom device...
    MicroPython v1.8.6-849-83e2f7f on 2018-03-19; LoPy4 with ESP32
    Type "help()" for more information.

    I cannot type into this window and sometimes it continually connects then disconnects??
    I am thinking there is a problem with the serial connection drivers? I have used ZADIG 2.3 to change the drivers to USBSER and both Lopy's setup as com 5 and 6 respectively . I have not transferred any code to either Lopy. Any help would be appreciated...

  • @rg_elect
    I have found the youtube Video@ alex' s corner which has a much better explanation of Nano gateways and also sending data to the lopy. :)

  • Hi,
    I have connected via serial over puTTY and also filezilla to transfer files. :). Instructions are quite bad for newbys like me. There are big
    Gaps in the instructions which assume you know what to do next....
    I am tring to setup a lorawan nanogateway and nodes, i have copied the github files to filezilla and transfered to the lopy. I am not sure what to do next to make the lopy bootup and run correctly?? Some basic instructions on how to make files run would be great.... any help would be appreciated!.

  • @rg_elect
    That's strange it should work fine on Windows 10.

    The best option is to use a serial terminal app: CoolTerm, TeraTerm or Putty configured as a serial terminal (speed 115200bps )

  • Yes all the jumpers are on the exp board. I have tried another usb but no luck. The serial connection continues to connect then disconnect. I am using windows 10 on a microsoft surface laptop. Where is the best place to download the pymake GUI? Maybe i need to redownload it and try again.?

  • Hi @rg_elect

    If you can see that output it means the COM ports should be operating correctly. It's strange though that the serial data going from your machine to the LoPy4 isn't making it there.

    Do you have all the jumpers on the Expansion3 inserted (top left)? Nothing missing?

    I'd suggest also trying a different USB cable. In some cases where the cable isn't able to deliver sufficient power you see some strange behaviour.

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