Higher power consumption on Lopy4

  • Hello,

    Since a few days, one of my Lopy4 has a higher power consumption which makes the deep sleep inefficient.
    I'm talking about 40-50 mA. So when I use the machine.deepsleep(), the consumption is about 50 mA while powering through USB. It's strange since it was much lower when I tested it before.

    So I took a new Lopy4 and this one works well. I even changed the expansion board and nothing changed. I'm quite confused why it is consuming more now than before? Did I damage it somehow?
    I realised when one project prototype went off much earlier due to this difference in consumption.

    Also just a question aside : I read that the consumption of the regulator is about 10 mA. Is this also true for the Lopy4 with the Expansion V3 Board?

  • @jcaron

    Yeah pretty sure it's in deep sleep at that moment. This +50mA is constant in deepsleep but also in normal state.

    So for example it draws 160-170mA instead of 110-120mA on the other LoPy with the same configuration and program. And in sleep it consumes 50mA while the other one around 0.215mA.

    It might be a simple mismanipulation but it's still strange that it's exactly 50mA.
    On the next prototype I will try to check the consumption before seding it as a test just to be sure.

  • @toppert if power draw is really important for you, you should definitely power via the battery connector rather than USB.

    50 mA is what you would get with a LoPy + Pysense when fully awake, not sure about a LoPy 4 + expansion board. Are you sure there isn’t something preventing it from going to sleep or waking it back up right away?

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