Not able to receive downlink data on LoPy

  • Hello,

    I am using LoPy module to send and receive data over LoRa. I am able to send data successfully but can not receive the LoRa data. Below is the code I am using to receive data. Please check.


    data = s.recv(64)
    print("Received data: "+str(data))


  • @sameerchouksey Did you try this example ?


    # make the socket blocking
    # (waits for the data to be sent and for the 2 receive windows to expire)
    # send some data
    s.send(bytes([0x01, 0x02, 0x03]))
    # make the socket non-blocking
    # (because if there's no data received it will block forever...)
    # get any data received (if any...)
    data = s.recv(64)

    Also try to upgrade FW to 1.17.x (lorawan have changed to 1.0.2 spec).

  • @sameerchouksey Did you try to send an uplink message before waiting for a downlink message, according to the LoRa spec?
    You can also try arw LoRa mode, which does not require an uplink message before a downlink message.

    • I am using it with an established LoRa infrastructure and I am able to send data successfully.

    • The node is set to LoRa WAN mode and Device is operating in class C mode.

    • The version info: (sysname='LoPy', nodename='LoPy', release='1.16.0.b1', version='v1.8.6-849-055728a on 2018-02-13', machine='LoPy with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.0')

    P.S. I tried hard resetting the device but it doesn't help.


  • @sameerchouksey Just a hint:
    start a script with Lora always after a full reset. Soft reset does not reset the Lora device properly.
    Full reset is done by pushing the reset button or calling machine.reset()

  • @sameerchouksey Some questions:

    • are you using it with TTN or with some other software?
    • is the node set to LORA raw mode or to LoRa WAN mode?
    • What is thr revision of your firmware?

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