Lopy device connection between Nanogateway and Node

  • Devices - 2 LOPY : One is running Node code and Other is running Nano gateway
    Device firmware version : 1.17.3.b1
    We are using TTN gateway server

    GitHub link : https://github.com/robert-hh/pycom-libraries/tree/nanogateway/examples/lorawan-nano-gateway

    I am testing the stability of the system initially when device are powered up they start communicating perfect but one long run I face fallowing issues :

    1. In a case gateway goes down ; node device couldn't detect the absence of gateway, lorajoin is always true;which actually should go false when Lora connection is down. if there is way to detect the absence of the gateway at Node side !

    2. In case where WIFI is down , Data from Node device reaches Gateway but Loss of data occurred even after WIFI is around 60% no Historical data.

    3)I am working to deploy the device in rural area on filed test we are facing a very low range
    (less than 1Km) of coverage any options to increase my range of operation.

  • @shiva-shankar
    About topic 1: The join status reflects the state of message key establishment. Once that has happened, the device is considered as joined. For ABP, joining not even requires a communication between the node and the server.
    About topic 1 and 2: The communication between node and server via gateway is considered as unreliable. If required, you may request confirmation of uplink messages. if that is returned, you know that the uplink arrived at the TTN server. But TTN reserves the right to restrict the number of downlink messages including confirmation messages. They talk about 10 messages/day.
    About topic 3. In an open environment, 3-5 km should be possible, given that you have a good and high positioned antenna at the gateway. Yuu may reduced the data rate to get better coverage. In my tests the message from my node were received by gateways up to 8 km away in an area with not too many buildings. These gateways have good outdoor antennas, like the Taoglas Barracuda one, and these were placed outside on the roof of a building. With my own gateway, using a simple ground plane antenna, I reached up to 2.5 km.

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