New Firmware Updater version 1.14.5

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    Update: I have now released version 1.14.5 to fix the following issues:

    • If the server connection fails during the upgrade, the message "You can retry or continue in offline mode" is now displayed in the Welcome screen after Restart.

    • There is now feedback from the flashing script while erasing the local file system.

    • Fixes a crash in the cli updater

    • There are now specific Linux packages for Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic)

    Release notes from previous update (1.14.3/1.14.4):

    General improvements:

    • The GUI version is now showing feedback from the flashing script during the upgrade process

    • Fixes an issues related to offline mode (1.14.4 )

    • New Icons... let me know how you like them

    Pybytes specific improvement:

    We recently introduced a new Pybytes firmware that would automatically convert the /flash/ or the Pybytes configuration written into the "config block" via the firmware updater into a new configuration file /flash/pybytes_config.json. As this json file now takes precedence over or the config block, using the Force update Pybytes registration option in the GUI firmware updater or changing an option through the cli tool would not be taken into account. This new firmware updater along with the new Pybytes firmware 1.17.5.b6 fixes this by setting an additional configuration option to force update the local pybytes_config.json file. This option is automatically set when using the Force update Pybytes registration option or when using any of the pybytes Set options in the cli tool. To manually force a rewrite of the pybytes_config.json file, you can use:

    import pycom, machine

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