Reset causes for machine.reset()

  • I got a GPy with pysense and when i do a soft reset in code

    The documentation states that the reset cause should be:
    "Resets the device in a manner similar to pushing the external RESET button"

    However the reset cause I get is WDT_RESET (2).
    While when I do a button reset on the GPY I get PWRON_RESET (0).

    Is this a known bug?

  • Thanks.

    Is there a way to distinguish a WDT reset (fault condition) vs. a intenden reset by machine.reset()?

    Best regards


  • Hi @jardar
    "similar" is the key word there, actually machine.reset() is a watchdog reset you found, more like a soft reset and different in several ways from pushing the physical reset button (which drives the reset line of the ESP32)

    But I agree maybe the documentation could be more clear on that.

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