Does Pybytes support Lorawan nano Gateway on Lopy4

  • Hi

    Firmware 1.17.5.b6.
    Device - lopy4

    1)On exploring Pybytes I was not able re-implement the normal Lorawan nano gateway Has any one implemented lorawan nano gateway .

    1. Any sample codes for Pybytes for lorawan-nano gateway kindly share

    3)Pybytes issue : Lopy4 config file we have given SSID and Password for connecting to local wifi access point ; when that wifi access point is down Lopy4 device generates hotspot in the name of ssid and passord given in config file that is in that wifi acces point that i should have connected in first place.

    Kindly give some suggestions

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello Xykon,

    I kindly wanted to check, if there is an update on the Nanogateway support for PyBytes?
    It would be fantastic for me to have that supported.
    I'm running multiple LoPy's that are repoting sensor data via LoRa to a Nanogateway.

  • administrators

    @shiva-shankar Nanogateway support is planned but not yet ready.

    Regarding the SSID/Password issue, please run:

    import pycom

    to avoid the module switching to access point mode when it can't connect to the wifi network.

    The reason this is happening in the first place is that we added a feature to the general firmware that allows users to set a custom ssid / password for the default access point mode. This configuration setting is also used for Pybytes when using the firmware updater and the quick activation token.

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