Changing LoRa parameters - Is necessary to restart device?

  • Hi all,
    I'm working with lopy4 in raw LoRa mode. I've implemented methods to change the radio settings (SF, CR, BW, among others) and store the configuration in a JSON file. The fact is that those changes are not visible after I reset both node and gateway (My code is based on LoRa-MAC Nano-Gateway). Is that correct? invoking the method lora.sf([sf]) for example does not make any changes.
    Here is my method implementation:

        def changeLoraSettings(self, lora_conf):
            # print('Changing LoRa configuration...')
            [lora_bw, lora_cr] = self.parseData(lora_conf)
            # print('done')
         def parseData(self, lora_conf):
            if(lora_conf['bandwidth'] == '125 KHZ'):
                lora_bw = LoRa.BW_125KHZ
            elif(lora_conf['bandwidth'] == '250 KHZ'):
                lora_bw = LoRa.BW_250KHZ
            elif(lora_conf['bandwidth'] == '500 KHZ'):
                lora_bw = LoRa.BW_500KHZ
            if(lora_conf['coding_rate'] == '4/5'):
                lora_cr = LoRa.CODING_4_5
            if(lora_conf['coding_rate'] == '4/6'):
                lora_cr = LoRa.CODING_4_6
            if(lora_conf['coding_rate'] == '4/7'):
                lora_cr = LoRa.CODING_4_7
            if(lora_conf['coding_rate'] == '4/8'):
                lora_cr = LoRa.CODING_4_8
            return [lora_bw, lora_cr]

    lora_conf is a dictionary which is stored as a JSON file:

    def lora_default_config():
        lora_conf = {}
        lora_conf['region'] = 'AU915'
        lora_conf['frequency'] = 915000000
        lora_conf['tx_power'] = 20
        lora_conf['bandwidth'] = '125 KHZ'
        lora_conf['sf'] = 7
        lora_conf['preamble'] = 8
        lora_conf['coding_rate'] = '4/5'
        lora_conf_encoded = ujson.dumps(lora_conf)
        with open("/flash/lora.json", 'w') as conf_file:

    I will provide any other information you shall need. Thanks in advance!

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