Fipy + Pytrack + LTE [hardware bug?]

  • Hi,

    I have been testing the Pytrack with a Fipy as well as with a Gpy. The same code is executed on the Fipy and Gpy.

    The GPy + Pytrack combo works, the Fipy + Pytrack combo does not.

    I enable the LTE, connect to the network and sync the RTC via NTP.

    The Fipy does not make it past:

    lte = LTE()

    If I put the Fipy on an expansion board (v3), it works.

    The modem's firmware is 33988 and I have tried the 1.17.3 and the 1.18.0 on the Fipy as well.

    I though that maybe it was a power issue, so I have tried running it with a battery too. No luck.

    Is this a known problem? Any suggestions?


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