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  • Since some weeks ago (I can not say which pymakr version), the REPL console can not be increased above 1 line, like if a maximun window size limit applies.
    I have tried to uninstall pymakr, also Atom, reinstall, and the same problem persists.
    It can be reduced almost to dissapear, but not to increase.

    Does someone have the same problem?
    Were you able to correct it?

    Thank you very much!

  • @alvaroav Good to hear it's solved. I'm still not sure if it's another plugin, because another user had this and it was gone after a window reload. Might be some edge case in button usage.

  • @ralph

    Thanks Ralph!!
    Probably another plugin interfered with pymakr. I can not tell you which plugings I had, since when I removed everyhting I started a clean install, just loading what is required for the wipy.
    The previous Atom setup has some older plugings I explored in the past, but never used again (and this is why I am not so sure which ones)

    Thanks for your support and help!


  • @alvaroav this morning I tried to reproduce it but couldn't. Seeing that you fixed it with an atom reinstall, I guess some kind of user preference or maybe another package interfered with the layout. For example the 'atom-ide-ui' is known to cause some layout differences. What plugins did you have installed before you did the re-install?

    Atom 1.28 is now supported by Pymakr, since a few yours (release v1.3.5)

  • @ralph

    Finally I uninstalled Atom, delete the associated folders linked to users, and reinstall Atom v1.25.1 and latest pymark package, and I recovered the full REPL window size

    Moreover, I noticed that with the latest Atom distribution (1.28) pymakr is not yet compatible.


  • @ralph

    windows 10, 64bits


  • @alvaroav Will do some tests on windows to see if I can reproduce it. Are you on windows32 or 64?

  • @ralph

    Windows 10
    Atom 1.27.2
    Pymakr 1.3.3

    No solution found yet... :(

  • Haven't seen this issue before. Any way you can get us the versions of atom, pymakr and the OS you are using that is displaying this error?

  • None has the same issue?


  • I can increase terminal window size up to 25 lines in my setup.

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