Send Wireless Sensor data directly to AWS cloud

  • Hi, I have been working in tool grinding company where we are using several lathe machines, and was thinking to use PLC for monitoring the vibration as one of my colleagues better idea to send monitored the data of sensor to AWS cloud server database and check the readings through smartphones, As per one of our collaborative Tech company like gave advice to use Pycom gpy with Raspberry Pi and send data of vibration monitoring from sensor to cloud,

    But I am still looking for the better way which directly help me to send the data of wireless Vibration sensor to AWS cloud

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  • Hey @timh ,
    I have mentioned about the sensor, I am going to use for monitoring and I want to use cellular service, as wifi connection is not available here so not sure about which hardware will be better to use and if I try with GPY then need to know the better way to connect the Private network with GPY which help readings of sensor on AWS cloud
    And I am new comer to this area so please suggest the tools of AWS cloud which I should use to make this monitoring process display on my smart phone.

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    @cardoz85 We have libraries for AWS IoT cloud, please check for more details.

  • @cardoz85 Not sure why you would need a GpY and a Pi. Either one could probably do the job,
    What sort of vibration sensor would you be using and what frequency do you wish to collect the data.

    That would decide which hardware platform to use. We work with a range of industrial sensors and unless the frequency is really high then Gpy could probably do it all. Is the Gpy chosen for LTE-CAT-M1 specifically ?

    AWS cloud server is a pretty generic statement, do you mean AWS IOT . Or running some thing like influxdb on an AWS EC2 instance ?

    Either way Gpy or Pi could talk to either of these sorts of platforms. Really can't imagine why you would need both ;-)

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