Please paste your pybytes activation token into the box below

  • I have just received my Lopy4 and Pytrack and I'm trying to update firmware. When using the Pycom upgrade tool I get the above message. Where can I find the activation token? I'm using the latest version (pycom_firmware_update_1.15.2.b1) of the update tool


  • @balefire I agree - the PyCom user experience is terrible. So many gaps in the documentation, the main effort is reverse engineering what to do from everyone's failures - no clear "how to" guidance that is actually accurate / complete.

    Its a shame - gut feel; pycom could have been a game changer, but will die a slow death due to too closely guarded "secrets" which only serve to hinder the developers and product users.

  • @james-matthews I agree James! I got a Photon the other day from another vendor, and was up and running in 5 minutes with their app. I'm two hours into this process, after fighting to upgrade the firmware on the expansion board (never worked... according to the instructions anyway - board only waits 7s, not long enough for Windows device enumeration to work on my system, so the DFU driver failed to install every time!)
    Now there's the 'pycom upgrade' program, and the screenshots in the instructions aren't even close to what I'm getting, so there's half a dozen options which the instructions don't cover. Then there's this pybytes stuff - I don't even know what that is!?
    Absolutely hopeless.

  • Thanks, I selected pybytes as the type and got it to work. By the way, your documentation is a real nightmare. I managed to start sending data over sigfox, but it took youtube videos of people demonstrating how to use your products for me to get it to work.

  • Hi @james-matthews,

    Did you select pybytes for "Type"? If you select stable, it won't ask for an activation token. If you'd like to use Pybytes, you can sign up here.

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