Please paste your pybytes activation token into the box below

  • I have just received my Lopy4 and Pytrack and I'm trying to update firmware. When using the Pycom upgrade tool I get the above message. Where can I find the activation token? I'm using the latest version (pycom_firmware_update_1.15.2.b1) of the update tool


  • Thanks, I selected pybytes as the type and got it to work. By the way, your documentation is a real nightmare. I managed to start sending data over sigfox, but it took youtube videos of people demonstrating how to use your products for me to get it to work.

  • Hi @james-matthews,

    Did you select pybytes for "Type"? If you select stable, it won't ask for an activation token. If you'd like to use Pybytes, you can sign up here.

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