Firmware upgrade of pytrack removes USB

  • Hi

    I ordered 2 fipys and 2 pytracks, and I followed the instructions and started by upgrading the firmware of the pytrack.
    However, once I upgraded the firmware, the /dev/ttyACM0 device vanished, and therefore the fipy is unusable through the updated pytrack. The other (not updated) pytrack still works and shows the /dev/ttyACM0 device once connected, and the REPL loop works on that unit, but the other one obviously doesn't.

    The firmware was updated on linux with dfu-util which say the process was successful.

    OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    Desktop environment: Gnome 3

    Does anybody have any suggestions to fix the issue?

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  • Hi @catalin
    Yes, I did follow these instructions.

    I did just that, and the usb device does not show. I also tried to repeat the dfu-util command with no success.
    I don't know if the hardware or is faulty (did not ls /dev or lsusb before updating the firmware to ensure that the hardware work). However, dfu-util does not work when the pytrack isn't connected, but it works when it is connected, as you would expect. I buggles my mind, how you can flash something that lsusb doesn't acknowledge.

    Do you have any suggestions?
    Best regards

  • hi @Zinoex, just to understand what you did.
    So, following these instructions, you successfully dfu-util updated Pytrack?

    I suspect, Pytrack was not successful updated, and remained into bootloader mode. Could you try lsusb command (or any to show the USB devices connected), so, to check if a device comes up when you connect the faulty Pytrack?
    Use on the Pytrack (no Fipy inserted), and maybe try to repeat dfu-util command.

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