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    Can someone explain what is the purpose of wlan.channel() ? In the pycom documentation they have assigned a value of 7 to it as an example but on what basis this value is assigned? and what difference will it make ? I am using LoPy 1.0

  • Replying because this shows up on a Google search for "Pycom wlan.channel".

    Get or set the channel (only applicable in AP mode).

    It returns (or sets) the channel to be used by the access point. (Used in either AP or STA_AP modes).

    If you're using Station+AP mode (STA_AP) I suggest you verify if wlan.channel() and the channel of the station you wish to connect to have the same channel, if they do not the access point channel will be changed (as the WLAN PHY in the ESP32 can only operate on one channel).

    In my use case, when a user elects to change the station the ESP32 is connected to, I warn the user that the access point will drop out if the channels do not match.

    I am using L01 (LoPy OEM), firmware: 1.19.0.b4 [50f84dd-dirty].

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