Pytrack: no serial communication

  • Hi guys,

    I'm having some trouble with my new Pytracks. In order to have GPS with my LoPy's I want to replace my Expansion boards with Pytracks. I updated the LoPy and the Pytrack to the newest firmwares and plugged the LoPy correctly on the Pytrack. Anyway, my test script with just a serial print doesn't work anymore.

    Putting the LoPy back to the Expansion Board the script works fine and I get my test output. But back on the Pytrack I don't get any output here. When pushing the reset button, the usual reboot output is missing, too.

    When plugging the Pytrack in, the device Manager adds a COM port device named COM6, so the driver seems to work. Am I missing some pytrack-special thing here?

    Some additional information: Windows 10, using Putty and HTerm for serial communcation. Tested on different LoPy's and Pytrack's.

    Kind regards

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