LTE-NB Guard Band mode availability

  • Hello from Peru!

    I need to test LTE CatNB1, Band28, Guard Band mode in Peru NW with the FiPy.

    I am aware of the FW upgrade for the Sequans modem in FiPy ( which lead to the tools and FWs being removed from

    Is there any estimated delivery date for the latest FW and upgrade tools? Also, is there any list of supported bands, modes (in band / guard band), and related info available?
    My modem currently has "factory LTE chip firmware" so I'll need to update first to latest CatM1, then to CatNB1.

    I'm really looking forward for the update, thanks a lot!

  • @lewis +1

    Question to lewis, who are you buying your SIM through? I understand the two choices are Twilio and AlwaysConnect. I have one from AlwaysConnect. Nice guys, but so far unhelpful since they don't deal with IoT devices, just CradlePoint products and not any of the microcontrollers such as PyCom and/or Particle, etc.

    Question to PyCom, I see where T-Mobile US says the only certified device from Sequans is the US130Q. How will that affect us on the FiPy platform? Is there action you, the vendor, need to take to ensure your IoT platforms are certified?

  • @cesaros02 Is there an ETA when the sequans modem will be able to work on the US T-Mobile guard bands? (2,4,12)

  • @dan Thanks a lot! I'd really appreciate it. Thank you very much for the support!

  • Hi @cesaros02,

    We are working on the updated firmware but we still need to do some testing before we could release it. We'll make a post here on the forum when we have any news about it. Thanks for waiting!

    I'll check if we have a list and get back to you.

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