Immediate power-down after successful LTE upload vs. calling lte.disconnect()/dettach()[sic]/deinit()

  • Due to persistent troubles with LTE in Pycom boards detailed here, I am having to use a different and separate microcontroller to do my actual work, and externally power on/off a GPy/FiPy solely for LTE upload only.

    1. After a good upload, the typical lte.disconnect()/lte.dettach()/lte.deinit() sequence takes a solid 5 seconds
    2. It is much more efficient and power-sparing to simply power off the board before this, immediately after successful upload, rather than do the disconnect formalities and then power off the G/FiPy board

    Are there any drawbacks/inefficiencies/dangers with not doing the formal closure before cutting power, but just getting it over with and cutting power to board immediately after successful upload?

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