lte.connect Connection ID (cid)

  • The pycom documentation states " cid is a connection ID. This is carrier specific, for Verizon use 'cid=3'. For others, like Telstra, it should be 'cid=1'."

    Specifically, what is the function of the Connection ID? I suspect it causes a certain set of AT command parameters to be passed to the LTE modem and probably expects specific parameter values in return.

    It would be helpful to know because we may not know in advance which cellular network we will connect to. We are using a MVNO and the actual network may be Verizon (or it may not). What are the consequences of specifying "cid=3" and having the modem connect to the AT&T network instead of Verizon? Thanks

  • Also wanting to know more about the function of the CID.

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