Failed firmware update, unable to flash new firmware

  • Hi,

    I was trying to update a LoPy module to the latest firmware with the "Pycom Firmware Update" app. However, during the flashing process, the app terminated with the following failure message(Please see screenshot below)

    0_1536153593713_failed LoPy firmware update.jpg

    I retried many times using the "Pycom Firmware Update" to flash latest firmware to LoPY, but all attempts were unsuccessful. After the failed firmware update, and resetting board back in normal run mode (removed the "Bootloader mode" - P2 pin to GND) , I no longer get the usual REPL prompt, instead I get the following (see screenshot below)

    0_1536154244157_normal run after failed firmware update.jpg

    I have tried the SAFE BOOT mode, the LED do blink orange, but I still can't get any REPL prompt, instead I get the following after more than 6 secs in BOOT mode:

    0_1536157195047_SAFE BOOT after failed LoPy firmware update.jpg

    Could someone, please help me recover my LoPy back to working firmware/state ?

  • Hi @Paulw

    Are you using the Expansion Board to connect to your LoPy? If so, which version (2 or 3)?

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