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  • Hi,

    i need to make a graphic interface in python to show my data. i take those data from my wipy using vscode.
    First of all I tried using an interface program called H3D, but I couldn't create a connection between H3D and VSCode. Because of that, In the end I decided to use directly VSCode and Python to write a code to make my interface. is it possibile?? does exist another method to do that? i only need a screen in which appear bars that vary on realtime in function of the data acquired by wipy. so i think i'll need to write a code for the state machine and a code for the graphic view? how can i do that ?

    Please help me, Thank you so much!

  • @fedesilvi I recommend you try PySimpleGUI

    It's much easier to program a GUI in PySimpleGUI than PyGame.

    Do you have tkinter on your platform?

    You should be able to hook up your GUI to anything you want. To display your information, read the data using your code, then plot the data using a Matplotlib / Pyplot call. You can then display that graph in your GUI.

    There is extensive documentation on how to use it and there are several example programs posted the demonstrate hooking it up to Matplotlib.

  • @robert-hh thank you so much, we have changed our planes now. we need to implement our graphic interface with pygame. we have a code that reads data from wipy and runs in the pycome console, and another code that makes a graphic interface with pygame and runs in the cmd. i need to run these two codes in the same time and in the same console, because I nead to make my interface variable based on data acquired from wipy. how can i do that?? is it possibile to pass the data from one to the other one? thankyou so much

  • @fedesilvi Peter Hinch has written such a class, which is based on the framebuffer class of Micropython. See her:
    Even if that war written for the variant, it should be possible to use it, eventually with small fixes. It assumes a display with the ssd1306 driver. You did not mention which display you are using. I have also a SH1106 driver which attaches to the framebuffer class;

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