AWS Data use

  • We were able to successfully transmit data with our Fipy over Cat-M1 connectivity using secure SSL ( lte.connect-->> s.connect-->>s.send etc). Data usage was about 300 bytes per transmission which includes date/time + last 6 of the device IMEI and a 20 Char hex( sensor data).

    When we switched to TLS based connectivity over cellular with AWS, the same transmission is over 7kbytes, and it was 5Kbytes if we used Microsoft Azure.We were looking at LPWAN based hardware to save power and data cost, but using AWS or similar data usage is sky high due to transmission-security overhead.

    We typically transmit every 30 minutes and in this scenario our SIM usage will be over 10MB per month compared to 0.5 MB using simple SSL.

    Anyone else facing the same problem and found any roundabout solution.

  • Hi,

    Have you considered a normal socket connection, and simply AES encrypting your data during transmission? You should be able to smash a checksum of the encrypted message down to like 4 bytes, and then include a delimiter sequence to snip the checksum off the datagram.

    You can use SSL to fetch the initial AES key from your backend, and then use that key in the future over normal network sockets.

    Sure, you might get MITM, but who cares, if the messages are encrypted and checksummed.

    Can't help with the AWS stuff, we just push messages to our own backend servers directly.

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