Pycom blinking faint blue light

  • After I try to connect the battery and the energy power together in the expansion board v3, my lopy4 does not start anymore.

    The only thing it does after a reset is to blink the RGB led in a faint blue light, constantly.

    Anyone knows what that means?
    Is there any part of the documentation where I can found explanation about this behavior?

    Some additional information:

    • The expansion board is dead, I cannot connect via serial.
    • I can still upload a software through Wifi/FTP, but none of them run.
    • When I try to start the board in safe mode, an orange light blinks, first slow, than fast, than it goes away and the blue blinks come back.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

  • Hi @dpalharini

    Does the board work when powered with USB? Try pulling P8 high, if you also want to use the SD card, use a 10k pull-up.

  • @dpalharini Can you connect and get a REPL prompt via Telnet? if ftp works, then Telnet should work too.

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