external sensor program to pycom

  • Greetings

    I am looking to create a program for a sensor without a library; is there a "general" structure to make the program?
    I am trying to communicate between the sensor and the pycom with I2C.

    If someone can point me to a some sort of "skeleton" and fill the gaps and make some tweaks I belive that would help me alot

  • @jcaron as of right now what I want to achieve:
    Using a SCD30 sensor (which gets humidity, temperature and CO2 levels) read the data and save it, for that I intend to create (or modify based on other libraries) the library for the sensor.

    I already have the adress of the sensor and the hexadecimal "commands" and I am trying to use the libraries of the Pysense sensors as a template

  • @juan_peroza It all depends on what exactly you need/want to achieve, including the network you use, polling frequency, whether you have some local logic before sending or you just poll and send, whether you need deep sleep or not, etc.

    Have you checked the many examples in the documentation? Especially https://docs.pycom.io/tutorials/all/i2c since you plan to use an I2C sensor...

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