Onewire library function does not work

  • Hi everyone! I am trying to read temperature values using a DS18x20 sensor and a 1-Wire. Thus I use both libraries which you can find here : However, the read_temp_async function keeps returning None as a result. Following the indication on the link, it says that this is due to the fact that the convertion is not completed but still, I do not understand why this is happening. I do not know if this is due to the code (which you can find down there and is very simple) or to the electronic circuit I made (which includes a Pycom device connected to the computer through a USB cable and this device is also connected to a breadboard containing the sensor). Thanks for helping


  • @brossingo G5 is an input only pin, like G4, G0, G3, G31 and G30. Try another pin, like G22 or G17 or G7 or G6 or ....

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