Serial Sensor - 5V

  • I have a serial sensor which needs 5 volts. I plan to power it from Vin and GND of the Expansion Board (3.0).

    My question is will this damage the RX and TX pins being that the WiPy pins are not 5V tolerant?

    If it has to be 3.3V, what is the solution?

  • @robert-hh

    Thank you, much appreciated.

  • @jimmie A technical sound solution would be to insert a lelev converter.
    A hot fix would be to insert a voltage divider (10k/22k) or at least a resistor of 10k in the wire between Tx(sensor) -> RX(WiPy) to limit the inrush current and connect RX(sensor) -> TX(WiPy) directly or trough a resistor of about 1kOhm. That should protect the WiPy and it should also work.

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