Driving external WS2812B LEDs using the RMT peripheral

  • I have developed (yet another) library for driving WS2812B LEDs with the Pycom boards. Most of the existing libraries are using the SPI peripheral, which did not work very well for me. I got timing issues when i have tried to drive a large chain of LEDs. I know that there is already a library that uses the RMT peripheral but this library is from 2016 and is somehow deprecated because it uses low-level functions to access the RMT registers. Therefore I have tried to develop something new that solves theese issues.

    This library uses the high-level RMT function from the Pycom firmware API to drive the WS2812 LEDs. Until now the library was only tested with the WiPy 3.

    All files and documentation can be found on GitHub (https://github.com/Philipp-IoT/WS2812B).

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