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    Hi All,

    We can't contain the excitement in the Pycom camp.
    Monday 05 November 2018 we go live with the Pylife Kickstarter Campaign at the following times:

    10 PM (Hong Kong)
    2 PM GMT (London)
    3 PM CEST (Amsterdam)
    7 AM PDT (San Francisco)
    01 AM (Sydney
    , with apologies to lateness!...and that will be Tuesday 06 November for all of you there

    For those of you who haven’t yet heard of our new consumer / developer portfolio here’s some info: Pylife offers consumers a new way of connecting everyone and everything they care about into one single dashboard. It features cool new multi-purpose and multi-network PyGo devices capable of LoRa Mesh (PyMesh) and a smart new app that brings together the best of IoT, messaging with Whatsapp-style Channels and IFTTT principles for super easy set up.

    It’s an open ecosystem approach with plenty of new opportunity for you developers to participate. We’ve already had a great deal of interest from enterprise developers / customers who want to roll products out using PyGos.

    For information, there are two types of PyGo devices:

    • the PyGo1s are based around LoPy4 / L04 and start at €35 on Kickstarter, and
    • the PyGo2s based on FiPy will start at €65

    (both excl. clip and charging accessories).

    We still have a few things to amend on the campaign and are still in grateful receipt of feedback.

    We hope you’ll join us in backing our new venture and help strengthen the global proliferation of IoT and LoRa and everything our joint technology has to offer.

    See you on Kickstarter on Monday ?
    Check it out in preview on Kickstarter here: PYLIFE KICKSTARTER PREVIEW

    Best wishes
    Bettina and The Pycom Team

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  • Is this available for direct purchase?

  • Thank you for the information provided, this is very helpful to us.

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