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    Hi All,

    Earlier today we went live on Kickstarter with the Pylife.

    Pylife offers you and consumers a new way of connecting everyone and everything you care about into one single dashboard.

    Here's why we think this project might be an interesting one for you:

    It features new multi-purpose and multi-network PyGo devices capable of LoRa Mesh (Pymesh) and a smart new app that brings together the best of IoT, messaging with Whatsapp-style Channels and IFTTT principles for super easy set up.

    But it doesn't stop there. We're setting everything up with an open ecosystem approach with plenty of new opportunity for developers to participate.

    The PyGo devices are

    • IP67
    • certified for FCC, CE, RCM and IC
    • cellular network certified to work out of the box
    • capable of Pymesh and auto connecting to TTN networks
    • easily programmable with an IFTTT like environment on the Pylife App

    The Enterprise cradle will come with

    • Wireless charge circuit for the PyGo
    • Embedded ESP32 for wireless communication
    • Exposed PINs for additional sensor attach
    • Micro USB for power source (Mains or Solar)

    We'll open up the Pylife App so you can develop your own applets and we'll work with you to white label if your project needs it :-)

    The PyGos are quite affordable on Kickstarter (they'll be approx double when in retail):

    • the PyGo1s are based around the L04 starts at €34
    • the PyGo2s based on a FiPy OEM starts at €65

    Anyway, here's the link:

    We hope to see some of you on the backer list :-)

    Best wishes
    Bettina and The Pycom / Pylife Team

  • @bettina
    Having exposed pins/pads available directly on PyGo would allow to use PyGo as a platform for wearables which could be extended via different peripheral and interfaces - e.g. NFC, barcode reader, etc. The cradle is not a solution for these use-cases.

    Another approach might be to offer "OEM" PyGo which could interface with custom PCB designed by developer. It could be just the PyGo PCB or a PCB with one side of housing (with touchscreen display). The other side would be designed by developer depending on custom circuits/PCB.

    I am looking forward for F01 to be released. Is it going to use the same pinout of current OEM modules? What about module size? Is it going to be bigger? I would be grateful for more details as we are currently developing new product which might significantly benefit from F01.

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    @danielm ...and yes at some point next year we'll launch the F01

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    @danielm the pins will be exposed through the Enterprise Cradle ;-)

  • It is a pity that Pygos do not provide exposed pins by themselves, e.g. by implementing contact pads similar to Moto Mods.

    Is there a plan to offer OEM FiPy as a bare system on module?

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