This forum is truly terrible

  • I had a good discussion with Alex Bucknell (@bucknall) about how bad this forum is - busy interface, posts do not create a nice feed. He agreed and also likes the look of the forum software used at and elsewhere. That conversation was about 6 months ago and nothing has changed. Is this forum ever going to be improved?
    Thanks in advance

  • @robmarkcole sorry Rob, but it works for me as a platform. I do get annoyed by the lack of announcements for new releases and things being posted in the wrong places, but I don't think changing the platform will solve that.

    As I see it, if Pycom only has limited resources to put into getting things done, then I'd vote to leave the platform as it is and focus on the documentation. If that was up to scratch then perhaps I wouldn't have to rely upon the forum so much.

  • @robmarkcole I do not agree to you comment. In my eyes, this forum style is clear and good to use. I see no benefit in the forum you pointed at. For me, that one looks worse.

  • Since people who like this forum are unlikey to post about it, I thought I'd voice my opinion. I like this forum. We use the same software at MySensors and it works good for that community as well.

  • Is this forum still NodeBB? I haven't used one like it before. It feels like a less smooth/intuitive version of Discourse.

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    @robmarkcole Hi, Indeed not good. We did look at alternative software but came to the conclusion this one was no worst... I will ask the team to check again. We have a new Community engagement Director and this is a great job to take on. Leave it with me. Thanks Fred

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