Simple mobil app using BLE

  • HI all
    I want to use my iphone as a display for sensor readings on my Wipy. One solution would be to ping the data over bluetooth and display it on my phone using a simple web app. Anyone tried this or can offer any advice?

  • There was a platform that first got me looking at pycom products, and that was pymate.

    Unfortunately it seems they have moved on and no longer support it. So mobile dev is part of the discussion. Or at least was. I am still hoping they bring it back, as it was exactly what I needed when I decided to "Go pycom".

    It seems like the dev team has a lot of good ideas, but jump around between them so much that a lot is never finished before they change course (such as Pylife now being the new path of all effort) and move on. That makes it difficult to really plan a future around a platform that has great promise but divided focus and sometimes short attention span.

    And I know that sounds insulting... but I can't figure out another way to explain it. So many other products were offered as "coming soon" or "out of stock, but pre order here" that now seem to be forgotten (sensors, cases, etc) that I am not sure what to build around.

  • Hi, my first advice is this forum is perhaps not the most appropriate to have mobile device developpement advice.
    My second advice is, if i have to do this (and as apple is a closed plateform) i will have a look on apache cordova ( as a bluetooth ble plugin seem exist (

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