Wipy3 does only boot after re-connecting 5V input

  • Hello,

    I have the following setup:

    • Wipy3 in Expansion Board 3
    • Another board (Atmega 1284P @ 5V) with 5V power regulator.
    • SPI with 5v/3.3V level shifter inbetween the two boards. (working perfectly if Wipy is powered from USB).

    Now I want to power the Wipy with the 5V power from the second board. (If second bopard is powered, Wipy should also boot) If I connect the GNDs and 5V to VIN, the USB-LED of the expension board is glimming, but the Wipy is NOT booting.

    Only if I then re-connect the 5V input pin, the RGB LED flashes and the Wipy does boot. After that everything works.

    How can I achieve the Wipy booting when 5V power is provided initially?

    Thx for your support,

  • @robert-hh I just connected power drectly. That works, now I have to do some soldering in order to check if it works together with the level-shifter. Thx so far!

  • @romnan It looks like some interference of the expansion board. What happens if you drop the expansion board 3 and connect the WiPy directly?

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