random flash memory format

  • Hi,

    Some times my gpy's flash became corrupt or is format:

    • All my program files became with strange names. To resolve this I need to format the flash and upload again the program files.

    • All my files are remove. Is like a factory reset.

    This problems occurs randomly.
    All my gpy have the latest stable firmware.

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    We've had some reports that using a low voltage (outside of spec, like using an empty battery) might corrupt the filesystem when using littleFS. In that scenario, fatFS is more stable (not sure of the exact workings)

  • User community opinion on FAT Vs LittleFS seems divided. Personally I haven't had much in the way of flash corruption since release='1.20.1.r1', (version='15b6d69 on 2019-11-02') with either type.

  • Thanks for all of your answers. Seems the solution is creating an empty project and uploading this via pymakr. This deletes all of the previous (unwanted) files on /flash.

  • @bushbavarian There seems to be another inconsistency:
    while the documentation talks about uos.mkfs(path) to format the file system, the code implements uos.fsformat(path).

    Note: Actually in my experience manual formatting is rarely needed. Either it happens with the flash 'automagically' when you least expect it, e.g. because the file system was changed, or with SD card it's done on a different system, e.g. your PC.

  • I don't believe that none of the 366 viewers know how to format the /flash (partition?). Big help here...

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