Backer Update #1 - Can I use the PyGo on the Moon?

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    Just in case you haven't pledged on the kickstarter and haven't see the latest update we posted yesterday, here it is:

    Update #1: Can I use the PyGo on the moon?

    alt text

    Dear Amazing Backers,

    We’re back and yes it's (technically) possible... but don't forget the Oxygen tank (for you and your friend!).

    It’s been an incredible start to the campaign and we’re very grateful for your continued support. We are super excited at bringing PyGo to life next year.

    You already know it’s a device so versatile that you can use it "as is" thanks to the bunch of attachments and attach it to anyone or anything you want to stay in touch with… whether or not there is a cellular network available. Alternatively you can let the developer within you take the better and integrate it into a new project, either with IFTTT or your usual Pymakr and IDE: Connect your fridge, coffee machine or anything else you can think of! You can dismantle it and check out how we built it (not recommended as not sure how you will get that all back in! I guess there's a challenge in there :)

    We will write some regular campaign updates on topics we think are interesting/important for you but its even better if you suggest some of these topics! So write a few lines on anything coming to your mind (about PyGo and the Pylife App obviously) and we will do the rest!

    So, in no particular order:

    NEW Tech Info
    We have released new Spec sheets for those who want more tech details. These can be found HERE. We have also released a new FAQ document which can be found HERE. If there are other questions which you have please do not hesitate to post comments to this update. We LOVE FEEDBACK!

    NEW Pledges
    You may have noticed new Pledge types released over the weekend. We now have added some limited availability pledges:

    1. BETA TESTING: Join our dev team and become part of a limited BETA release team (read “inner circle”). We will send you a bunch of devices a couple of months before the general release of the product so that you can actively participate in the final testing of the devices. Your participation will have direct impact on the final release of the device. We do require engineering experience for this pledge.

    2. YOUR OWN WORKSHOP: We have released 5 workshops for those looking to integrate the PyGo into a project. You will be able to meet our great team in our Eindhoven offices for 1 day where we will offer a load of engineering support to help bring your connected idea to life. We will also throw in for good measure an extra 10 hours of Tech support so you can get follow-up support.

    alt text

    Meet some of our great team members (Pylots) :)

    The Enterprise Cradle
    As a stretch goal we are planning the release of the Enterprise Cradle which allows you to connect and attach further sensors to your PyGo devices. You can run 2 external antennas via u.fl connectors (LoRa/Sigfox and LTE-M): the stronger antenna performance gives you even more range. The Enterprise Cradle will also act as a wireless charging base. You can continue using the same development tools you are enjoying right now as transferring the code will be done Over The Air (OTA, no wires). The Enterprise Cradle will allow for a total of 8 universal inputs/outputs with digital/analogue capabilities so that you can connect different types of sensors and actuators from your own PCBs. Inside this cradle will be an ESP32 chip using BLE connectivity to the PyGo modules to transmit your data wirelessly. We’re also thinking of making some of the pins available on the PyGo device itself (whilst still retaining its IP67 properties)… We think this would be cool and would love to hear your views on this!

    How much will the cellular subscription cost?
    We are busy finalising pricing but it will be circa €3 per month and can be cancelled after 6 months. We will confirm all these details nearer to the delivery so you can confirm if you are happy to proceed. If you change your mind then we will swap and/or refund your pledge. Furthermore, if for any reason there was no cellular coverage in your country then again we would offer you the opportunity to swap to the PyGo1 (does not require cellular) or your money back.

    What’s next?
    We’re preparing some cool videos by Daniel which we will post in the next week showing the insides of this amazing device. Did you know the PyGo was originally going to be square?

    alt text
    PyGo was going to be a square...

    We will also post more on the Pylife App showing how you can control your device, stay connected to your friends or pets, program it (easily or using its IFTTT ability for the more demanding developers) and lots more… so, stay posted :-)

    That's it for the time being and please continue to share this project with your friends/families, pets whether on planet Earth or somewhere on the Moon!!

    Best wishes

    The Pycom Team

  • @bettina said in Can I use the PyGo on the Moon?:

    We’re also thinking of making some of the pins available on the PyGo device itself (whilst still retaining its IP67 properties)…

    I am glad to hear this. By implementing these pins the PyGo will become very interesting platform for wearable products for which using Enterprise cradle would be impractical.

    Please make sure that:

    • it will be possible to power external circuitry from PyGo (and vice-versa?)
    • it will be possible to init UART, I2C or SPI bus on available pins
    • it will be possible to use of-the-shelf mating connector on the host device

    In my opinion it is also important that to find a way how to fix PyGo onto the host device without any structures required on the housing of the host device which would be too difficult to manufacture (mold, CNC-machine, 3D-print). Maybe magnets?

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