Touchpad support implemented

  • Re: Touch pin functionality
    When I finally came around to using all those wonderful touch pads on the GPy pinout, it was quite disheartening to find posts, 1 and 2 years old, asking about when it'd be implemented and nothing since. Groan.

    So I've created a branch of the latest firmware that actually has touchpad support. Hopefully it'll be merged into the main trunk but in the meantime you can get it at

    I made it part of the machine module, as machine.TouchPad. Sample usage:

    # define a callback, triggered by touches
    def hullo(thepad):
        print("Hullooo: %s" % str(thepad))
    # trigger arg is optional, but makes the pads 
    # much more useful... create some touch pads
    t6 = machine.TouchPad('P23', trigger=hullo)
    t8 = machine.TouchPad('P20', trigger=hullo)
    # to figure out thresholds, do a read:
    # >> 1149
    # >> 1034
    # and that's it, on touch you'll see something like
    # Hullooo: TouchPad(T8)
    # you can also access the pad id (the "touch index")
    # >> 6
    # clean-up when done

    Enjoy and let me know if you hit any issues.
    Pat Deegan

  • @geoff-white : guess we'll find out.

  • The firmware utility has a load from file option. Who knows if it works?

  • Hey @geoff-white,
    Man, I submitted that patch 4 months ago...

    The build process is annoying but not that hard. Still, I can probably get you a bin to burn--main question is how you'll get it on there.

    I was basically using the dev environment's support for updating the firmware, not sure what the process is without it. If you can handle that part, I'll try and do it tomorrow.

  • Is there any chance you could put a copy of the actual firmware up? Building the firmware is well above my skill level at the moment.

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