Lopy Nano Gateway: Multiple Data Rates?

  • Hello everyone,
    In the lorawan nano gateway example code for the lopy ( https://github.com/pycom/pycom-libraries/blob/master/examples/lorawan-nano-gateway/nanogateway.py ), spreading factor, bandwidth, and consequently the data rate is set (in the example, at SF7BW125).

    Is that a requirement?

    Does that mean that the nano gateway will only listen on one frequency (i'm happy with that), but also only for messages transmitted at SF7 (I'm less happy with that) ?


  • @re Yes. The SX1272 of the LoPy of SX1276 of the Lopy4 can only listen to one frequency and one SF/BW setting at a time. The target platform for these chips is motes (= Lora nodes, AFAIK), not gateways.
    Gateways use typically a different chip set, like the combination of Semtech SX1257 and SX1301/SX1308. If you need a full service gateway, you must get one. There are raspi add-on boards Like the IC880a from ICMP and the RAK831 which offer full service. Or you buy a ready gateway. Look at the The Things site for product lists. ICMP offers also a ready built box with raspi, receivber & software for testing.

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