wlan.isconnected() in AP mode - still not working

  • I am experiencing the same problem as was posted before:
    wlan.isconnected() in AP mode (2 years ago)
    wlan.isconnected() always False in AP mode. (7 months ago)
    wlan.isconnected() not working in AP mode (21 days ago)

    Here is what I am doing with my W01 module (connected to REPL via serial) after power on:

    >>> # WLAN was disabled by wlan.deinit() before
    >>> from network import WLAN
    >>> wlan=WLAN(mode=WLAN.AP, ssid='mywlan')
    >>> # 'mywlan' appears on the list of available networks of the PC
    >>> wlan.isconnected()
    >>> # this is correct since not connected yet
    >>> # now I connect with PC to 'mywlan'
    >>> wlan.isconnected()
    >>> # this is INCORRECT since PC is connected to 'mywlan'
    >>> import uos
    >>> uos.uname()
    (sysname='WiPy', nodename='WiPy', release='1.18.0.r1', version='v1.8.6-849-9569a73 on 2018-07-20', machine='WiPy with ESP32', pybytes='0.9.0')

    What could be wrong with this?
    Any other way to detect connected devices?
    @dan: there is no further code in my case
    @Paul Thorton: the PC is indeed connected, it is possible to operate via FileZilla or PuTTY

    Thank you in advance for help!
    Happy New Year!

  • @mfalkvidd, @Paul-Thornton
    thank you for taking care of this!
    I am looking forward to a solution as soon as possible. Not only my project strongly depends on this function as it is a rather basic functionality. At least, I could not find any alternative way of detecting connected devices in AP mode.

  • Looks like @mfalkvidd may be correct. Ill raise issue this in the next standup

  • Not sure if I'm looking at the right code, but it looks like the implementation for esp32 lacks code for AP mode. Compare with esp8266 implementation.

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