FTP fails on larger files

  • FTP fails on LoPy running 1.20.0.rc4 while downloding larger files from FAT 32 SD card.

    I have some trouble with short ones as well. It seems that it lags depending on the amount of data send over the FTP service. If the lag is too long, the connection betwenn LoPy and Filezilla is closed.

    The LoPy seems to like failing around 610204 Bytes when a background thread is running.

    Are there any logs on the LoPy to trace the problem?
    Is there something like good old kermit to receive the file over the working USB connection?

  • Checked it with a second SD card with only one partition and rebootetd the router and clickt the LoRa antenna into the WiFi part. It is faster and I get less problems and sometimes larger files, but it will still breaks. Sometimes after a few megabytes sometime after a few k.

    At the moment it is only a nice to have feature. I wat to check the saved stream of the GPS in an editor before I use it as a test stream for my module. I will stop testing.

  • @crumble I cannot confirm that behavior. I transferred several times a file of 1.3 MByte to and from a FiPy with v1.20.0.rc4. File transfer to and from a SD card with FAT file system. The file system on the flash is Littlefs.
    The device was either sitting in the REPL prompt or running a fast loop:
    while True: pass
    The file transfer tool used was FZilla.
    Transferring the file from and to flash with the busy loop running also worked well.

  • direct file acces by the serial port is not possible as far as i know
    you could change the way of updating the sequans over uart descirbed here
    there is the uart used to transfer a file to the module over uart.
    i guess this could be easily(depending on your skill) changed to work the other way around

    i might note i never had any issues transferring large files. the mode software .dup files are 10 times bigger than the number of bytes your describing. although i never tried downloading the file. i only uploaded it.

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