lopy sigfox know if message is sent

  • Hi, i'm working with lopy4 and sigfox. I'm able to send message to sigfox, it works.
    Is there any option to know if message that i sent is corretly arrived to sigfox? i need to know because sometimes i don't have network coverage and i would to implement a caching system that store gps position if sigfox didn't receive message

    thanks a lot

  • @raaden89 Simply you can't. Sigfox as very very low downlink ability ( network to your device as 4*8 bytes limits per day!) .
    You just can't design this functionnality as is, and you need to think to another way to work.
    exemple:wait in your device for a downlink coming from sigfox with a sequencial number index, send after that the gps pos with following index and so on. On the next download your device will receive a new index (or the same at the last time if no uplink as been successfull) and your device will restart to send the gps pos following the index recevied.

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