Pass variable from to lib class?

  • I have the following... how do access or pass rtc to the lib class

    from machine import RTC
    class LOGGING:
        global bdebug
        global rtc #not woking
        def logger(msg,showtime=True,level=3,topic="",bdebug=True,debuglevel=3): #error0,warning1,debug2,info3,verbose4
            if bdebug and debuglevel>=level:
                if showtime:
                    print(str([0])+str([1])+str([2])+"T"+str([3])+str([4])+str([5])," | ",msg)
                    # send_msg("outbox",msg)
                    # send_msg("outbox",msg)

    ******** NameError: name 'rtc' is not defined ***********************

  • @misterlisty

    A technique to pass object references from to other modules is to create a 'dummy' module to pass items like rtc and i2c. To make this work you first need to create an empty file called ''. Then you can use it as follows:

    in --

    from machine import RTC, I2C
    import shared

    rtc = RCT()
    i2c = I2C(0, I2C.MASTER)
    shared.rtc = rtc
    share.i2c = i2c

    Then in the module you want to reference/use rtc or i2c, include an import to shared as follows:

    import shared

  • @misterlisty Have you got an rtc = RTC() statement in your code? You need to have that to make any calls to (Note the upper and lower cases in your code).

    utime.localtime() might also be useful to you...

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