Lopy and SIM800L connection

  • Hello,
    Has anyone so far made a stable and durable connection between a LoPy and SIM800L? I want to make a comparisson and send the LoPy sensor data not via LoRa but instead via GPRS. Having also implemented deepsleep shoud it cause any trouble ?


  • @iplooky Hi, I think I am looking for the same concept to.
    My case is to implement a Lora Nano-GTW and use a SIM808 to backhaul the data via GPRS. Is it the same case you have?
    I am actually a the planning stage. If you have advanced something, please share your ideas. I am thinking to do it with an arduino module. I am going to try to create a serial connection with it and also connect other arduino's pins with the SIM808 and create another serial Then I guess hard code programming should be necessary in order to create the flux of information between the pycom to an arduino's logical buffer and then to the SIM808 to be transmitted to some internet server through GPRS cell network.

    Please, destroy my idea with anything. Thanks to all.

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