Upload timeout issue with ftp upload

  • I have noticed that the py will timeout or disconnect if i upload large file ie approx 35kb...small files rarely have any issue. Can i extend the timeout or something. Just using filezilla to upload files.

  • @misterlisty I don't quite see how 35 KB is a "large file"... There must be something wrong in your setup, it is common to upload much larger files than that to perform OTA firmware upgrades for instance.

    Can you give more details about the setup, including whether the module is acting as a station or AP, what you have between the client and the device, any logs shown on either side, what type of file you are uploading...

    Tcpdump or wireshark captures could potentially be interesting as well.

  • What do you mean by marginal? Not matter what pycom board i use, the ftp timeouts on large files? Could it be my router or something else?

  • @misterlisty I have never noticed such a behavior, even with way larger files. Please check the WiFi connection condutions. maybe they are marginal.

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