i2c error numbers

  • I compiled firmware 1.20 so that I get the failure reason of
    STATIC void hw_i2c_master_readfrom(machine_i2c_obj_t *i2c_obj, uint16_t slave_addr, uint32_t memaddr, uint8_t addr_size, uint8_t *data, uint16_t len) ;

    When I do not wait to init my pytrack running 0.0.8 I get
    #define ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT 0x107 /*!< Operation timed out */
    which seems to be fine.

    It returns 0x6 when it crashes unintended. This number is not defined in esp_err.h . Does someone know the meaning of this code?

    @Pycom please add the idf error code to the i2c bus error message.

  • Thanks.

    I assume that I run into one of the ESP32 bugs related to memory problems with multicore or reading multiple times the same address. But therefore it is strange that the returning value is always 6.

    As long as it fails mainly on initilazing pytrack and WDT helps, I am fine. I will be happy. if the *Py can be configured so that ctrl-c stops the watchdog or sets wait time to max.

  • Hello @crumble ,

    Well indeed, I cannot find Error 0x6 in IDF , however we updated the release-candidate branch with IDF, lwip, mbedtls, DNS errors amended to Micropython Error Codes. you can give it a try. tag v1.20.0.rc7.2

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